The rules about stag planning you need to know

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If you have been given the job of planning a stag do, it can feel like an honour and a curse all in one. Here are some useful rules to follow so that you can get everything organised without a hitch.

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Get started early

It may seem obvious but the sooner you start planning a stag do, the more smoothly it will play out. This particularly applies to issuing invites, as the attendees will need to arrange time off work and sort out a lot of other life admin to fit the event into their invariably busy diaries.

Set a strict budget

Be realistic about how much you want to spend on the stag do and make sure you are not excluding any key members of the groom’s friendship group or family by picking locations and activities they cannot afford.

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Most importantly, you should agree on a budget and make sure this is not exceeded. It can be tempting to keep adding extras, but this will only cause problems further down the line.

Choose a location

A domestic stag do is still the most cost-conscious option, especially with the wealth of amazing activities on offer. From Tank Experiences through Armourgeddon to brewery tours and beyond, the UK is a great place to host a stag, with cities such as Bristol, Nottingham and Bournemouth all on the table. Keep in mind that not all cities are created equal, with some destinations offering a better experience than others.

If the groom is set on heading overseas for the stag, sticking to Eastern European destinations is sensible from a budgeting perspective. The Latvian capital of Riga and Tallinn in Estonia are both good options that will not hurt your bank balance too much, just like tank driving in the UK.

Organise everything

Although it may sound like a lot of work, it is best to make sure that you – as the organiser – are the one who handles all the key organisational elements, from booking accommodation to planning the schedule for the day’s activities.

If you instead let the attendees take charge of arranging things themselves, you are inviting the chance that people will forget or get the date wrong. Plan the stag do properly and you should be able to avoid these issues.


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