Setting New Season Goals with your Team

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As you approach the start of a new season, it can be useful to set new goals and targets for your team. You’ll no doubt have had an end of season debrief, so everyone will be aware of their individual and team progress and achievements. Setting fresh objectives and goals for the season ahead is a great way to refocus, understanding where everyone is now and what they want to achieve looking forward.

Setting goals for the next season is incredibly important. These decisions will impact on your motivational environment, in training and when you partake in competitions. The goals and objectives also underpin the team philosophy and effect the decisions you make as coach. Ideally, you’ll want to balance goals between results and league position with development and evolution of player skills.

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Some important considerations when setting future goals could be:

Was last season a success or not?

How will coaching compare this season to the focus of last year?

Have there been changes to leagues or players within your squad?

What part in this season play in the development of your players?

It’s important to decide what is a realistic goal to achieve by the end of the season. Choosing unrealistic targets will simply be demotivational. If you choose a results-based objective, remember there is only a certain element of this you can control – you don’t know what other teams will do.

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What can you put in place to help your team achieve their goals? How will you work towards reaching your end desire? It can be useful to chart your objectives on a timeline for the season, for clarification and organisational benefits. Highlight key events on the calendar, so you can guide your goals in relation to these.

You’ll also need to consider how much time you have before matches begin and what tactical or technical factors of the game you could be developing with your squad. Setting specific goals can help you in terms of monitoring how well you are achieving them. Throughout the season, it pays to review these goals to see if they’ve changed, been completed or still need work.

Performance goals need specific measurable criteria. Break it down into what you want your players to do and how they can achieve this. This is an important part of training and drill sessions. You must provide the tools for player development in any area, be it passing, timing, shooting or co-operation. What technical elements can support the performance elements you want to focus on? For help with useful Netball Drill Training videos, visit

Involve your players in the decision-making process to make any objectives and goals more effective rather than simply imposing them onto your team. When you’re all in it together, they are more likely to work in the same direction as you and even go the extra mile. Whatever goals are set for the upcoming season, remember to use positive phrases, helpful structured feedback and encourage a growth mindset, not a negative one.

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